Environmental Training

Enviro-Training is very important to governments, employees, communities and companies. Environmental Training is becoming a necessity for any company operating in the North American market place.

SCP fulfils this need by offering expert environmental trainers with high expertise in the functional and/or vertical businesses that customers require. SCP offers customers and stakeholders training that meet and exceed their environmental training needs.

SCP administers most Training sessions at the SCP Training Center, located at 2091 Hwy 21 in Kincardine Ontario. The training facility can provide short term to long-term environmental training. The SCP Training Center accommodates over 14 students for overnight stays. The training rooms are well equipped and help establish a strong learning experience for the students. The country location of the complex offers a retreat from outside daily stresses, and provides a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

When more space is required for accommodations SCP utilizes hotels within close proximity of the center.

Meals, snacks, beverages, housekeeping and any special needs the students are available.

The training courses and sessions offered are grouped into the following categories:

• Client Specific Training

• Certification Training

• Continuing Education Training

SCP tailors training sessions based on input from companies, governments, stakeholders and individuals thus providing an optimal training experience to each student. Please click here for course schedule and course registration.

Client Specific Training

SCP offers training tailored to a company’s environmental training needs. Including:

Training on new Environmental Technology

Training on Environmental Management Techniques

Training on special environmental equipment

Certification Training

Many certifications require professional environmental training. These training courses are usually specific in their learning requirement and individuals willing to work in the environmental field or operate certain health and safety equipment will require this training.

SCP is willing to enter into partnerships or ventures with certification associations enabling it to administer and qualify certification candidates.

Continuing Education Training

SCP will partner with educational facilities that provide students with continuing education in the environmental field. This will provide the student with the opportunity to update his/her knowledge and expertise on new methods and applications.

Training Center rental

The training facilities are available for rent. Our services include accommodations for short to long term stays, food and beverage service, and use of training equipment. Please contact us for additional information on price and availability.

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