Environmental Specialists

Enviro-Specialists are located in strategic geographic locations - in close proximity to the clients they serve. They are directly responsible for communicating the clients need to SCP, and are the front person between SCP and the client. Each Enviro-Specialist is trained continually and is up to date on new techniques, technology and customer service.

For information on the closest Enviro-Specialist please contact our offices.

Enviro-Specialists provide assistance to SCP clients – companies, governments, associations and individuals. The service offering includes:

• Survey analysis and recommendations

• Support on Litigation and communication

• Environmental Management Systems

• Environmental Monitoring

• Other Services

Survey Analysis

This SCP service includes:

Providing analysis on pollutant activity

Possible health affects and hazards

Removal process and cost

Expert Analysis of finding and recommendations

The SCP approach to Survey Analysis is to provide detailed recommendations which encompass all possible stakeholders and the proposed future direction.


This segment includes:

Providing Expert Legal advice on Environmental issues and concerns

Expert Environmental Communications advice

Expert Remediation Advice

SCP has litigation experts on board that have a long history in assisting and advising clients with legal issues.

Environmental Management Assistance

This includes:

Environmental Auditing Services

Environmental Management Systems Application

Environmental Management Training

Companies and governments are increasingly integrating environmental systems and techniques into their operations to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve environmental sustainability. SCP is dedicated to helping achieve this need with a good selection of products and solutions.

Environmental Monitoring

Most environmental products and services require monitoring for extended periods of time to insure correct implementation and future diagnosis.

Additionally, monitoring also includes changes in Laws and Regulations that directly impact our clients.

SCP provides this service on a stand alone basis or as part of a project or solution.




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