Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

ESAs are prevalent today due to requirements by governments, financial institutions and other stakeholders. Enviro-Specialists in your area have training and expertise in conducting ESAs.
SCP differentiates itself from competitors by:

• Providing high quality reports

• Superior Customer Service

• Industry tailored Site Assessments


Phase I ESAs look for contamination and any potential hazards that may exist in specific sites. In investigating site locations, SCP will:

• Research past records

• Conduct site visits

• Take special photography

• Determine the geophysical structure of the site

• Provide detailed findings

A Phase II ESA will be recommended if further investigation of the site is required. Phase II ESA use intrusive sampling and analysis of plants, air and soil to test for any pollutants.

Phase III ESAs are offered if remedial action is required to remove pollutants from the site and maintain an environmentally safe site.

Types of Phase I offerings

SCP offers the following types of Phase I service:

Regular (2-4 weeks) – Phase I ESA service that the customer does not require immediately.

Express (1-2 weeks) – Phase I ESA service for a customers’s immediate need.

Super Express (3-4 days) – Phase I ESA service for a customer’s very immediate need.

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