SCP concentrates on customers environmental needs in all direct and support operations. Increasingly, for many companies and industries, good environmental policies have become a key success factor or even a competitive advantage. SCP helps clients achieve their environmental goals by directly diagnosing and solving the issue with a solution that provides an optimal outcome taking into consideration internal and external forces.

With its direct affiliation to CAC and its operations in the agricultural sector, SCP has focused its business efforts on the Agricultural Industry, utilizing CAC expertise and networks. Its expertise in the Agricultural Industry has help with the direct understanding and knowledge of the other industry sectors, which inadvertently link directly or indirectly to Agriculture. Employees are recruited based on their expertise in the different industry sectors and environmental issues.

SCP prides itself on providing customer tailored solutions that take into considering the industry, the employees, and other internal and external forces. In achieving these customer tailored solutions, SCP is segmented into both industry and service type, thus allowing for better innovative solutions that are tailored to the specific industry and the client.

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